Fan Gallery ~ Shared Austen Memories

A page dedicated to Austen's fans - who go to extraordinary lengths to step back in time and experience life as the Georgians must have known it.  

If you would like to submit a photo, please email us at janeaustensocietyireland (at) gmail (dot) com


Sinead Coughlan in Coopershill House Co. Sligo with her Irish Historical Costume group. They hired the period house for a whole weekend and dressed, ate and socialised as regency and victorian ladies and gentlemen would have done.
She says the experience was one to be treasured and recommends everyone should try a little 'time travelling'.


Eileen trying on a bonnet at The Jane Austen Centre in Bath  -and how fetching it is too!  


To get the page started, I have attached photos! 
The chandelier one is from the Assembly Room Ball in 2008.

The rest are from the first ball in 100 years at the Pump Rooms in 2011 and the promenade ones are from last years festival with some of the lovely Red Coats!!!

 The costume one is from behind the scenes at the museum of fashion in Bath (I was lucky to have 2 hours there in 2011!!)

Hey guys, I would like to share my picture for your new page 'Jane Austen Photos'!This is me at Bath at the Jane Austen Centre last August...Hope you like it Many many greetings from Westerlo, Belgium

Ilse x

Some very pretty images of Lyn Cunliffe, seamstress and historian; in Georgian dress, in various locations around England. Lyn also lectures on Regency fashions, on which she is clearly an expert. Thanks for sharing these photos Lyn!


One member of the JASI looking very much at home in Steventon Church and at the Jane Austen Centre in Bath.  Thanks for sharing your lovely memories with us Eileen.