Friday, 16 December 2016

Happy Birthday Jane

Jane Austen was born on Saturday night December 16th 1775. “At 36, Mrs. Austen had carried her baby a month past the expected time. To save the baby from cold wet weather Rev. George Austen postponed Jane’s reception at church until April 5th 1776, but baptised her privately at home on Dec 17th. Jane was probably nursed at home before she was sent to a cottager’s wife. After weaning and when living with a ‘good woman at Deane’ Jane would wear loose and light clothing and have access to fresh air and exercise. She was trained to love the out-of-doors and by April, when ready for a bonnet and petticoats, she was a fine little person.
Her father wrote in the family bible:
“Jane Austen. Born 16 Dec 1775. Privately baptised 17 Dec 1775. Recd. Into the Church 5 April 1776.
Sponsors Rev. Mr. Cooke, Rector of Bookham Surrey; Mrs. Jane Austen of Sevenoaks Kent, Father’s Uncle’s Wife;
Mrs. Musgrave of Chinnor Oxon.”