Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Secret Jane Austen Book Club: 'Emma'

Have you been longing to discuss Austen's novels with other Janeites?  Well now is your chance.  Join our society* and receive your invite.

Some of our members are meeting up in a lovely, secret, Georgian location, in the centre of Dublin on Monday, 9th March, to discuss Austen's novel 'Emma', which was published 200 years ago this year.

Please get in touch if you would like to attend and we will furnish instructions!  It begins at 8pm, and will most likely go on until 10pm.  Don't forget to bring your novel, if you like and it would be wonderful if everyone had, as Frank Churchill would say, 'one very interesting thing to say ' about the book.

It is just a casual thing; a chance for us to meet and to discuss one of Austen's most flawed-heroines.  Like or loath her, Emma will certainly give us much food for debate, as will Mr Knightley, Frank Churchill and even old Mr Woodhouse.

See you there!

* JASI annual membership is €10