Sunday, 2 February 2014

Spring Cleaning, Austen Style

Spring is officially here and what better time to dust off your old copy of Mansfield Park, and get reading. We at The Jane Austen Society of Ireland are preparing for a get together next month, with Trinity College professor, Darryl Jones.

As luck would have it, Mansfield Park is one of his favourite books, and Jane Austen one of his favourite authors.  He has offered to give the JASI a special 'bicentenary birthday lecture' on the novel, that is bound to entertain and inspire, but we will let you know the specific details at a later date.   

In the meantime, you have just enough time to read (or re-read) the book that is arguably Austen's most political work.  With so many editions of this great book out there - it may well be the year to buy yourself a nice hardback, commemorative edition, so what are you waiting for?