Saturday, 5 October 2013

New Austen Adaptations of Old Classics

Jane Austen 


Book publishers, Harper Collins, are bringing out a collection of Austen's novels, all adapted by modern novelists, set in the 21st century. McCall Smith's take on Emma will be published next autumn, 199 years after the original's debut, while Joanna Trollope's version of Sense and Sensibility is due out this month.  Val McDermid's interpretation of Northanger Abbey will follow next year, while a new version of Pride and Prejudice by US writer Curtis Sittenfeld comes out in 2015.

On cannot help but marvel at the world's appetite for Austen, and this project is just another testament to the durability of Austen's plot-lines and characters.  After the success of the Bridget Jones books, there can be no doubt that this project will generate great interest, but whether or not they will live up to their originator's standards, remains to be seen.

The names of two more writers who are taking part in the six-book Austen Project will be announced later this year.  Meanwhile, master Austen expert and author of the 'Pride and Prejudice' sequel, 'Death Comes to Pemberley', P.D. James, will be taking part in a public interview in Trinity College Dublin this Tuesday, 8th October, which will be a great treat for Irish Austen fans. 
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