Monday, 19 August 2013

Bring the Ring Home ~ Just when you thought it was all over...

As interest in the current status of the turquoise ring once owned by Jane Austen continues, the Jane Austen House Museum in Chawton has begun a fundraising campaign to raise enough money to purchase the ring from Kelly Clarkson, who bought the ring at a public auction last year.
News that the American singer has agreed to sell the ring for the price paid for it, has been welcomed by many Jane Austen fans around the world and fundraising has begun in earnest.  Excitement grew to fever-pitch with the announcement that an anonymous donor donated £100,000 to the fund, which must reach £154,000 by December.  As yet, there is no facility to donate online, but organizers say that it is just a matter of time before Austen fans around the world can use the internet to do so.

We at the Jane Austen Society of Ireland are particularly delighted that the Jane Austen House Museum are using a catchphrase of our own invention, for the campaign - Bring the Ring Home.  As Jane Austen most probably owned the ring when she was living at Chawton House, it seems only fitting that the ring be returned to its home place, where the only other two pieces of Jane Austen's jewelry can be found:  the turquoise bracelet and the famous amber cross.  Better there than any other place, we think.

So, should you like to donate to bring the ring home, you can ring, or email, as this Facebook message from the Jane Austen House Museum explains:

Jane Austen's House Museum is pleased to announce the launch of it's fundraising campaign 'To Bring the Ring Home'. If you would like to make a donation towards our 'Give Us a Ring' campaign to purchase the turquoise ring that belonged to Jane Austen please call the museum on 01420 83262 or email We hope to have a Just Giving link on our website by the end of next week. Fingers crossed we will be able to have the ring on display in the museum by early next year!

Any Twitter users can receive updates on the fundraising campaign by following @JaneAustenHouse and by using ‪#‎BringtheRingHome‬.

Update:  You can now donate to the Bring the ring home campaign online.

The Jane Austen House Museum 'JustGiving' page is finally online! You can now donate to raise money to help buy back the Jane Austen Turquoise ring online. Click here:   #BringtheRingHome